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Band Members

Rob Wheelhouse - Vocals
Lee Martin - Guitar
Andy Cooper - Bass
Neil Holdsworth - Drums

Current Label


Many moons ago in a room of an old mill in Holbeck, Leeds, Mainline were born. Since then they have been steaming through the streets of Leeds and tearing up northern towns with there blend of 


The Rock’n’Roll Roller coaster Ride that is Mainline has seen a few line up changes along the way. They are back in 2016 as a streamlined four piece. This is a re-energized and re-vitalized Mainline that is enjoying life.

With the guitar driven grooves curtesy of Lee Martin backed by the pounding bass of Andy Cooper and the rhythmic skin bashing of Neil Holdsworth finished  with the powerful graveled vocal tones of Rob Wheelhouse they are now a new force.

With their many diverse and different influences they have come together to create a sound that they are proud to call their own.

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